Thursday, October 21, 2010

Some Very Easy Starting Tips

Here are a few easy tips to save money around the house.

  1. Combine your cable, internet and telephone service. Companies now offer combined services that not only cost less, but offer the convenience of a single bill. Called a Triple Play Package (Cable, Internet, and Phone), these combined service deals can save you a bundle 
  2. Slow down your internet service. I went to the slower internet service option with my cable company and saved $15 per month. And I haven’t noticed a difference when surfing the Net.
  3. Improve your credit score. A good credit score can save you thousands of dollar in interest on everything from a home loan to a car loan, and from school loans to credit cards. Once you know where you stand, you can begin to improve your score and lower your interest payments.
  4. Send away for and follow up on rebates. After you buy a product with a rebate, send in the form that day. Then mark your calendar to remind yourself to follow up with the rebate company if the check hasn’t show up.
  5. Buy Your Next Cell Phone from Amazon: It may seem odd to buy a cell phone from Amazon, but they offer all of the newest phones (e.g., Droid, Storm 2, Vibrant) from AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless. Amazon offers free 2-day shipping and low prices without the hassle of mail-in rebate forms.


  1. I've got a duo play since I don't watch tV... and yes its cheaper !

  2. Ill follow your first tip, should save money to keep it all combined

  3. hmm good tips. I don't pay for any of those yet, but ill keep them in mind!

  4. great tip, also another way to really skimp down is to cancel phone and cable all together, go for a dry line internet and watch TV and us VOIP that's whats I do I pay 35 bucks a month for everything.

  5. except for 2) I agree on every tip
    I won't reduce my speed because I'm downloading a lot :)

  6. throw up a follow gadget so I can follow you /b/rother.