Friday, October 22, 2010

Money Saving Tips Continued

  1. Get your books from the library. I love books and read every day. While I buy some of the books I read, most come from the library. Simply put, it’s hard to beat free.
  2. Get DVDs from the library. Many libraries now have movies on DVD that can be checked out. If your library offers this service, it sure beats paying Blockbuster or Netflix.
  3. Get DVDs from Red Box. If your library doesn’t offer DVDs, get your moves from Red Box. It costs just one dollar per night. You'll find Red Box locations here
  4. Read magazines at the library or online. Too many magazines can cost a fortune. And how many times have you bought a magazine based on the cover and been disappointed by the lack of substance. At the library you can read magazines for free. And many magazines now offer their content for free online.
  5. Subscribe to magazines that are must reads. If you must have a certain magazine each month, subscribe. Subscriptions offer substantial savings over the cost at the newsstand.


  1. Hmm I like to own books. those are great tips, but I prefer to buy used so that I can but the book on my bookshelf when I finish it :)

  2. Most of these are things that I already do actually...

  3. These tips are great! Poor college students need to save every chance they get!

  4. thanks for the tips simple and easy stick to the library