Saturday, October 30, 2010

Buy Video Games With a Lot of Replay Value

....and don’t acquire new ones until you’ve mastered what you have. My video game buying habits have changed quite a bit since my “game of the week" days. Now, I focus on games that can be played over and over and over again, and I focus on mastering the games that I buy. Good targets include puzzle games, Multiplayer-intensive, and long, involved quest games; they maximize the value of your dollar. DLC is usually a big waste of money, and if you wait long enough, a new disk will eventually be released containing all the new stuff you missed out on at original retail price (or less).

Happy Gaming!!

Mastering The Thirty Day Rule

Whenever you’re considering making an unnecessary purchase, wait thirty days and then ask yourself if you still want that item. Quite often, you’ll find that the urge to buy has passed and you’ll have saved yourself some money by simply waiting. If you want, you can even keep a “thirty day list” where you write down the item and the day you’ll reconsider it, but I prefer just to keep this one in my head – that way, I often just forget about the unimportant things.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Money Saving Tips Part 3

  1. Get a rewards card. There are many reward cards that pay out in cash or points that can be redeemed for travel or products. Many of these cards don’t have an annual fee. My favorite rewards card is American Express Gold Card. It does have an annual fee to apply and the first year fee is waived.
  2. Don’t pay interest on credit cards. This is obvious, but as soon as you fail to pay off the credit card in full, the high interest payments start to eat away at your monthly budget. If the temptation to spend more than you can pay on a credit card is to great, get rid of the credit card.
  3. Take advantage of 0% credit card offers. I’ve saved thousands of dollars using these. Again, as long as the cards won’t cause you to spend more, they can offer substantial savings. Make sure, however, that you keep an eye on the balance transfer fee, which can wipe out your savings.
  4. Replace incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent light (CFLs) bulbs. These bulbs use 75% less energy and last 10 times longer. They do take some getting used to, and they won’t work in every light fixture. But use them where it makes sense and save energy and money.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Money Saving Tips Continued

  1. Get your books from the library. I love books and read every day. While I buy some of the books I read, most come from the library. Simply put, it’s hard to beat free.
  2. Get DVDs from the library. Many libraries now have movies on DVD that can be checked out. If your library offers this service, it sure beats paying Blockbuster or Netflix.
  3. Get DVDs from Red Box. If your library doesn’t offer DVDs, get your moves from Red Box. It costs just one dollar per night. You'll find Red Box locations here
  4. Read magazines at the library or online. Too many magazines can cost a fortune. And how many times have you bought a magazine based on the cover and been disappointed by the lack of substance. At the library you can read magazines for free. And many magazines now offer their content for free online.
  5. Subscribe to magazines that are must reads. If you must have a certain magazine each month, subscribe. Subscriptions offer substantial savings over the cost at the newsstand.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Some Very Easy Starting Tips

Here are a few easy tips to save money around the house.

  1. Combine your cable, internet and telephone service. Companies now offer combined services that not only cost less, but offer the convenience of a single bill. Called a Triple Play Package (Cable, Internet, and Phone), these combined service deals can save you a bundle 
  2. Slow down your internet service. I went to the slower internet service option with my cable company and saved $15 per month. And I haven’t noticed a difference when surfing the Net.
  3. Improve your credit score. A good credit score can save you thousands of dollar in interest on everything from a home loan to a car loan, and from school loans to credit cards. Once you know where you stand, you can begin to improve your score and lower your interest payments.
  4. Send away for and follow up on rebates. After you buy a product with a rebate, send in the form that day. Then mark your calendar to remind yourself to follow up with the rebate company if the check hasn’t show up.
  5. Buy Your Next Cell Phone from Amazon: It may seem odd to buy a cell phone from Amazon, but they offer all of the newest phones (e.g., Droid, Storm 2, Vibrant) from AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless. Amazon offers free 2-day shipping and low prices without the hassle of mail-in rebate forms.


This blog will lend help to those out there who have fallen on tough times with the current economy. I will try to bring the very best tips on saving and investing your hard earned cash. You work less while I work more! Simple things can go a long ways towards that new car, house, or even just a video game. Look for more helpful tips and tricks soon!